Refer a Friend to Healix Therapy

At Healix Therapy in Diamond Springs, CA, we believe good health is better when shared. Our Refer a Friend program helps more people get our great physical therapy services. When you refer a friend or family member to us, you help them start feeling better. And as a thank you, you get a nice reward from us.

Why Refer a Friend?

Referring someone to Healix Therapy gives them top-notch physical therapy. Our therapists are some of the best in Diamond Springs and Placerville. We treat the root causes of health issues, not just symptoms. Our goal is long-term wellness so you can get back to your normal life without pain or problems.

Rewards for Referrals

To say thanks for spreading the word about Healix Therapy, we offer:

  • $50 credit for your next visit if your referral books care with us.
  • $50 cash instead of credit.

How to Refer

Referring a friend or relative is easy:

  • Email or call with their contact info.
  • Or give their details to our front desk staff.

Rules for Rewards

To get the referral reward:

  • The person you refer must schedule and attend their first visit within 30 days.

Popular Services for Referrals

Referred patients often get these services:

  • Sports Injury Therapy to recover and safely return to sports.
  • Chronic Pain Management to reduce ongoing pain.
  • Post-Surgery Rehab with custom plans after an operation.

What Referred Patients Say

Physical Therapist at WorkHere are some success stories:

“A friend referred me to Healix after my knee surgery. The personal care was outstanding. Thanks to the team, I run again without pain.” – Sarah K.

“My chronic back pain was terrible until family recommended Healix Therapy. The holistic approach worked wonders. I’m now pain-free and more active.” – Mark L.

Legal Note

We follow all laws about patient referrals. We don’t offer rewards for Medicare or Medicaid referrals.

Our Holistic Approach

At Healix Therapy, we treat the whole person, not just symptoms. We combine physical treatments with mind, body, and nutrition support for long-term health. Services include:

  • Yoga and breathwork to enhance therapy.
  • Nutrition advice for overall health.
  • Natural remedies to complement therapy.

Call to Action

Ready to help a friend or relative feel their best? Refer them today! Fill out our online form or call.

Contact Healix Therapy

484 Pleasant Valley Rd., Suite 14
Diamond Springs, CA 95619
Phone: (530) 123-4567

We look forward to welcoming your referrals and helping more people live healthier lives. Thank you for supporting our community and Healix Therapy.

Goals and Tracking

We track the number of referrals generated from the page, as well as the conversion rate of referred individuals scheduling an initial consultation.

Launch Timeline

We aim to launch the Refer a Friend page within the next 4-6 weeks, ideally before the start of the summer season when we typically see an influx of new patients.