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I was referred by my doctor to El Dorado Physical Therapy due to highly limited range of movement and intense pain in my right shoulder. The pain was so intense I felt sure I’d need surgery, but I was “jumping through the hoops” of the medical system to get there. I didn’t want surgery, but felt resigned. My Physical Therapist was Rob Linson. He assured me right away that I wouldn’t need surgery. My initial goal was to be able to snuggle my honey again.
I worked with Rob and his team 2 times a week for 4 and a half months. My range of movement and ease/ pain free movement increased every week. They educated me on how to maintain my health of movement. Rob and his team are awesome; super welcoming and friendly. They make you feel like one of the crew and their happiness is contagious.
I was discharged last week and I’m happy to report that I’m able to snuggle with my sweetie pain free again. I honestly feel like I have a new lease on life and a new found strength. I credit that to Rob’s extensive and ongoing education and dedication to his trade. He is a continuos learner, passionately committed to helping restore people to full heath. I strongly recommend Rob to anyone experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain. If you feel hopeless and helpless, like you’re just going to have to live with it, then I’m here to tell you, there is hope and you don’t have to live with the pain and discomfort. Go see Rob and his team.

Thank you, Rob! – Jamie

If You are considering Rob Linson as your physical therapist, You have found a caring and talented practitioner. Rob continues his education in the field, that is always changing. He truly enjoys seeing people get better and he is a wonderful communicator. He is very gentle and patient, I would feel equally pleased if He were to work on my parents or my children. Rob has truly improved the quality of my life!!!!!

Gratefully in better health, Lori Mullin

Robert Linson is a miracle worker for sure! I have been in pain for years and have been told by everybody that I shouldn’t waste my time because Physical Therapy doesn’t work, but I had to give it a try I was out of options. Robert was so professional and knew exactly where I was hurting before I even said anything. He actually helped me for the first time in years feel NO pain, I will only go to him from now on!!

Julie Smith – Gold Key Storage Placerville

Robs grasp of the field is amazing and fun to watch. I love that he talks with his patients and explains how the anatomy works, how it got hurt and how we can help to improve. Rob is a natural and I can see him going a long way. Employees seem happy working under his leadership. He has great wit, tremendous creativity, ability to multi-task and maintain calm during rough sea. We, patients, love the low key atmosphere and know we receive the best care possible. Robs passion for PT is of utmost importance to him.

Sue Davidson

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my most enjoyable experience at EL Dorado Physical Threapy in Shingle Springs. My injury was a full rotator cuff tear, I was prescribed physical therapy I chose El Dorado Physical Threapy because it was close to my home. I was greeted by Crystal, and shortly after I meet with Robert Linson. I felt very comfortable talking with him in the initial evaluation. After the evaluation he started me on threapy and exercises and explaining why and how they would benefit me. I was fortunate to work with all of Roberts team, they were all knowledgeable and professional and personable. I looked forward to physical therapy with Robert and Julie and team as that’s what I knew would be the key to me successful rehabilitation. Thank you Robert and Team for the for the enjoyable knowledgeable experience!

Mark Kievernagel – Territory Manager

My physical therapy with Robert Linson has been key to my recovery from a shoulder injury and replacement. Rob is very well educated with a wide range of experience and was able to make a thorough assessment of my condition. We discussed my goals and he thoughtfully strategized a personal and effective treatment plan. I appreciated his clear explanations about why my joint function was impaired and how different exercises would work to improve strength and range of motion. His caring and encouraging approach kept me motivated and optimistic during a long course of treatment. I have returned to work and all my activities and could not be more grateful for Rob’s skill, empathy and optimism.

Julie Nystrom

I’ve been to see you twice in the last 8 months for 2 different problems. The first was for rehabilitation after shoulder surgery. You fulfilled my expectations of full mobility of my shoulder. I was able to get back to playing softball and able to throw again. Also was able to get my golf swing back. The second problem is a bad back. I’ve been in for 3 visits and my back is already feeling a lot better. I’ve enjoyed coming in for my treatments. You’ve made me feel comfortable during my treatments. You’ve also been very professional and knowledgeable in what to do for me. Thank you.

Alan Sturgeon

I highly recommend Robert Linson as a physical therapist. He has treated me for a number of long-standing issues and injuries, and I will go back to him any time I have another need. In each case, Rob gave me solutions where no one else had been able to find out exactly what was going on. Rob really listens, pays attention, and observes the body in motion to get at the heart of each issue. For 20 years I had shoulder trouble, and different physical therapists were only able to take the edge off the pain. Rob, however, tried different approaches and came to realize that the cause of my shoulder problems was in my mid-back region. He then applied gentle but extremely effective techniques to increase my range of motion, so now after all these years I can finally reach overhead and use my arm fully.
I also appreciate that Rob understands that no single practitioner can solve every problem. We worked for a time on my right knee which had been injured several years before. While we were able to make some progress, the pain in my knee never went away. At the end of those sessions, Rob did a further analysis of my movements and areas of pain, and provided a specific recommendation for my medical doctor to hopefully get an MRI to indicate what needed to be corrected in other ways. Rob is a problem solver, and I’ve seen him work effectively with people who have different occupations, ages and abilities. He is an excellent physical therapist and has my whole hearted recommendation.

Sara Schwartz Kendall, M.A.

Rob Linson, PT, was terrific to work with. He listened closely and observed carefully to assess my pain and discomfort. Then he used just the right variety of stretches, movements, and massage to restore my mobility and comfort. He even found knots in muscles I didn’t know I had! He and his staff were always personable and fun to work with. I don’t care to be injured, but if I am, I’d return to work with Rob right away!

Jay Chopp

I am happy to provide my evaluation of Rob Linson, especially since I can find no negatives to report. Rob was, without exception on every treatment, very knowledgeable, expert in the application, kind, and in good humor. I could feel his empathy and caring touch. In short, Rob is the ideal physical therapist. And I have had other, inferior experiences in physical therapy, so he was a very pleasant surprise. Any questions, please advise

Jeffrey Wilkes

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