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Tired of taking medications to just mask a symptom? Ayurveda is a 5000 year old system designed to balance the body in order to prevent disease. This beautiful system uses diet and lifestyle modifications combined with herbal supplementation to ensure sustained wellness.

The root cause of the problem is identified through a detailed analysis of your reported symptoms as well as a physical examination. As opposed to taking a static measurement or blood value, the focus is on how each system is functioning. The goal is to balance the systems of the body in order to improve their function. Your path to wellness will provide a clear outline of what type of diet, exercise, and lifestyle you should live to optimize your health. Ayurvedic health care consultant since 2018, studied in Rishikesh India

Services include:

  • Dietary consultation
  • Analysis of basic dietary habits
  • Identifying inflammatory factors
  • Education on how diet relates to pain