What to Expect

This guide walks you through what to expect at your first visit, from when you arrive to developing your personal treatment plan.

Welcome to Healix Therapy

We’re excited to help you on your journey toward better health and wellness. Our kind and skilled team provides top-notch physical therapy with a complete approach to care, looking at your whole self—body, mind, and lifestyle. This guide walks you through what to expect at your first visit, from when you arrive to developing your personal treatment plan. Understanding the process can help you feel more at ease.

Woman doing side stretches with physical therapistArriving at Healix Therapy

Your path to feeling better begins the moment you step through our doors. Our friendly staff will welcome you warmly and guide you through any paperwork that needs completing. We suggest arriving a little early to finish any forms. Please bring any medical records, imaging scans, and a list of medications or supplements you currently take. Having this information ready helps us understand your situation fully. You may also need to sign consent forms and acknowledge our policies and procedures.

Initial Checkup and Evaluation

Reviewing Your Health History
We’ll start by discussing your current health issues, past injuries, surgeries, lifestyle habits, and test results. This helps us understand what led to your condition and gives us important context.

Physical Testing
Next, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your physical abilities. This involves assessing your range of motion, strength, flexibility, posture, and movement patterns. Various tests help identify any imbalances or dysfunctions contributing to your condition.

Setting Goals Together
We believe in collaborating to set realistic, achievable goals tailored just for you. Whether you want to reduce pain, improve mobility, or regain strength for a sport or activity, your goals will drive your care plan.

Your Personalized Treatment Plan

Using the evaluation findings and your personal goals, we’ll develop a customized treatment program. This may include manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, modalities like ultrasound or electrical stimulation, and education on exercises, posture, and lifestyle adjustments. Our holistic philosophy also incorporates complementary practices such as yoga, breathwork, meditation, and nutritional guidance. We explain the proposed treatment plan in detail, ensuring you understand and agree with the approach.

Full-Body Movement Screening

A unique part of your first visit is the free 30-minute full-body movement screening. This in-depth assessment evaluates your overall movement patterns and biomechanics, helping us create a more complete and effective treatment plan.

What to Expect Timing-Wise

The initial evaluation typically lasts 60-90 minutes. This allows us ample time to thoroughly understand your condition and develop a comprehensive care plan. Your active participation and any questions are always welcomed.

Patient Education and Self-Care

At Healix Therapy, we believe strongly in patient education and involvement. We explain each step clearly, ensuring you understand the process. Learning self-care is key, so we’ll share tips on posture, ergonomics, exercises, and preventing future injury.

How to Prepare

To get the most out of your first appointment:

  • Arrive a little early to handle any intake forms
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows easy movement
  • Bring any medical documentation like records, scans, or medication lists
  • Be ready to discuss your condition, concerns, and goals openly
  • Ask any questions you may have—we’re here to put you at ease!

Ongoing Care and Follow-Ups

The frequency of your therapy sessions depends on your specific situation and progress. Most patients come 1-3 times weekly for several weeks or months. We continually monitor your progress and adjust your plan as needed. For those with mobility limitations or cognitive impairments, we welcome the involvement of caregivers or family members.

Free Consultation Call

Have questions before scheduling? Take advantage of our free phone consultation. You can discuss your concerns, get an overview of our services, and learn more about that first evaluation. Our staff will gather some initial details about your condition as well.

The Healix Therapy Difference

At Healix Therapy, we’re passionate about providing exceptional, individualized care. From that first appointment to achieving your wellness goals, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our patient-centered, holistic approach means addressing your unique needs fully. We can’t wait to partner with you on your journey toward healing and renewed vibrancy. When you feel better, you live better in every way. Join us, and let’s get you back to doing what you love!